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Squeezit Tube Squeezer on SALE $.01

Squeeze Every Last Drop from Tubes for Just ONE Penny

The Miracle of Chanukah and the Joys of Making a Good Thing Last

This amazing invention works by literally choking every last drop out of toothpaste, shampoo, suntan lotion, fine cerulean blue oil paint and anything else that comes packaged in a tube. Think of how much money you’ll save using every last bit of what you have already paid for. No more squashed fingers or cramped thumb muscles. Squeezit does it for you harnessing the exciting and dynamic properties of modern plastics fully leveraged in the mechanical challenge of pushing soft paste like substances through narrow openings and out into a useful position.

This product reminds us of the story of the ancient festival of Chanukah, celebrating the miraculous occurrence of lamp oil that was only enough to last one day … burning faithfully for over a week! And its claimed no one was secretly refilling the lamp or exaggerating the story years later when after generations it was passed from somewhat mischievous grandfather to grandson, both quite distracted by the aromatic fragrance of the frying of potato pancakes in oil, perhaps the same aroma that the fabled miraculous lamp gave off so very very long ago. And so, you too will celebrate the toothpaste tube lasting days longer than usual … as Squeezit delivers every last toothbrush full. Go ahead, light a candle, fry a potato pancake.

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