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Ratchet Set only $131,072.00

The Price of Feeling Like a Tool Doesn’t Come Cheap

Lets get this out of the way up top: You have gotta have some kind of extra special nuts to need a $131,000 ratchet set in order to tighten them. That didn’t come out right. What kind of nuts are you going to tighten with a $131,000 ratchet set? Hmm. How about this one: What kind of nut buys a $131,000 ratchet set, and what does he or she tighten or loosen with it?

Ya know, while no one could be quite happy with any of those lines, the point is clear. This ratchet set is priced more than a whole SnapOn Parts truck full of tools, and we want to know the reason.

Could it be the 5 star rating from two reviewers, or the accolades that it works in tight places? Perhaps its the Chrome-Molybdenum Steel, or the “Gearless ratchet design for smooth operation and less than 3 degree sweep make these ratchets ideal for confined areas.” But not even the 1/4″ and 3/8″ drive or the Re-usable storage tray would be enough to tempt us to spend anything over $25.

In fact, one of the sweetest things about a ratchet wrench is the sweet clicking sound it makes as it backs up for another twist. Whats the point of a gearless design, if there’s no clicking? And if there’s no clicking, what’s the point of taking that bolt off in the first place? Maybe once you get the whole thing apart you will discover one of two things: “A” its gonna cost you more in parts to fix the thing than its worth, or “B” now that its all apart its clear that you are in way over your head on this one, and you would have been better off just letting your wife take it to the dealer and let them repair it.

So what if that slimy salesman who sold you that hunk of junk in the first place is always flirting with your wife. He’s only trying to sell you another car, as if you are some kind of sucker. Likely he plays everyone’s wife that way. Sure, he probably lands a few of em. And why does she always smile back at him? Doesn’t she see what he’s trying to do. You wouldn’t have bought that clunker in the first place if she hadn’t talked you into it, and at the time it seemed like she was only trying to impress him. Why? Maybe she likes him. Yeah, that pushy salesman is just her type too, snotty little comments about our budget and my credit rating. So what he drives that Lexus. A guy like that can drive any car on the lot he wants. Maybe that’s the plan, when she brings in the car for repair, he’ll take her out for a “test drive” in his Lexus with the big back seat. Right. And when I catch them together, I’m going to stick this ratchet set right up his …..

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