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High Tech Widget only $10,000,000.00

One Genuine 120293-0001REVK from American Microsemiconductor Inc.


Before we tell you how excited you are going to be once you are the owner of this original High Tech Widget, you have got to understand that you must act immediately or you will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to become part of business and electronics history. This is the last one on the planet Earth.

That’s right, this IS the very one, the High Tech Widget that everyone has been talking about. Its been the illustration of thousands of business professors production and marketing examples, the subject of political blue sky proposals for their districts, and the topic of endless teaser articles providing an exclusive sneak peek at a hush hush upcoming release from the hottest gadget manufacturer in press release history.

You have always wondered what this High Tech Widget, or any widget, looks like. Well the photo in this article does NOT represent any aspect of the appearance of this widget. In fact, were we to obtain and publish even a sketch of the High Tech Widget, even a blurry photo of it taken on a bar seat when supposedly misplaced or lost in a popular watering hole at or near Palo Alto … were we to show you what this thing looks like, there would be consequences. Serious consequences, involving strange men in unmarked cars following us all hours of the day and night, followed by close encounters with a sweaty and somewhat unpredictable guy named Mudflap who seems to have no access to deodorant or the ability to stay in his own cell bunk.

But before we go further into that issue, lets remember that this may be and therefore most certainly is likely the last HIGH TECH WIDGET of its kind available anywhere and therefore worth every penny of its TEN MILLION DOLLAR price tag. But you don’t have to believe what we are saying about it, when there are actual reviews, funny reviews, and by that we mean somewhat intimidatingly humorous sarcastic and intelligently witty comments on this item on the Amazon page where it appears. PLEASE do not go to the Amazon website and read these comments, due to the concern that you may not remember to return here.

It should be clear by now that this is NOT an ordinary widget, and its historical importance is unparalleled in the scope of human endeavour. A High Tech Widget such as this, whose appearance as we noted above – can only be imagined, and we mean that – will not only be the pride of your personal widget collection, it will be what you will be remembered for long after you’re gone. It will be so closely identified with you, and you with it, that neither of you will have an existence on your own. It will be your epitaph, your homage to progress, your statement to the ages on what was important and had value.

Don’t waste another heartbeat … go get it!

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