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Herb Grinder by Shark Tooth on SALE $.01

Release all the Potency of Your Herbs for a Penny

If you are reading this no doubt you are a foodie, if not a full fledged gourmet, and know the value of cooking with the freshest herbs and spices for the perfect dish. As essential as a pot for pot roast, or lemon grass for Thai cuisine, or aromatic peppermint for a minty shake, a herb grinder is a core tool in a fine chef’s kitchen. Pungent fresh herbs are tamed and their all their aromatic essences and oils released when properly ground prior to use. This model will empower your herb and you to new heights, while neatly fitting in your pocket for those “on the go” culinary adventures. Who knows, combine the SharkTooth Herb Grinder with the also bargain priced Ziplock Bags and you may discover a winning combination — all for only TWO PENNIES! What more can we say without giving it all away? Pass it on.

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